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Open all year round! - SVR Camping Brabant


Reservations can be made by phone or via the reservation form below. If you want to make a reservation by phone you can do so at telephone number: 0164-642395.


Reservations can be made via this website by filling in the form below and then pressing "send" or by printing out this page and sending it by post. 
PLEASE NOTE: This reservation is not final until you receive a confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us!


Attention: Apartment, mobile homes or the special actions camping and stay can NOT be booked if the stay is longer than 3 weeks.

Please inquire about the possibilities. Call 0164-642395 or send us an email.




    Family Nelen:
    Weg naar Wouw 1 
    4635 RE Huijbergen
    K.v.K. 20152490

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