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Sleeping in a wine barrel

Bueno Vida (Good Life)

Wijnvaten Costa Kabrita


On Costa Kabrita two new wine barrels have been installed, the names of the barrels are Bueno Vida (good life) and Vida Feliz (happy life).
The wine barrels are made of Pinewood and the length is 430 cm and the diameter is 228 cm. The thickness of the wood is 46 mm, so also very suitable for the winter months.
The wine barrels have a whole experience of their own, and have a simple but comfortable interior.
In the back of the wine barrel is a large double bed, under which you have a large storage space.
At the front there are 2 benches and a large extendable table. The 2 couches can each be converted into 2 beds. So in total, 4 people can sleep per wine barrel.

Cosy, cozy, simple and yet comfortable, come and experience it!

And also nice that Omroep Brabant wakes up in our new wine barrel, see, watch the movie below.

Vida Feliz (Happy Life)

Wijnvaten Costa Kabrita


- 1 double bed
- 2 single beds
- Bed linen available
- Wifi, television
- Double glazing
- Infrared heating
- Shared kitchen, with fridge, cooker and oven
- Microwave oven and multipan
- Plates, cutlery, etc.
- Toilet facilities nearby (incl. dishwasher)
- Beautiful walking and cycling routes available
- Arrival after 15.00 hrs and departure before 11.00 hrs
- Charging point for electric cars available
- Portable toilet for rent
- Summer: additional fan for rent
- Dog is welcome, provided you leave the cottage dog/hair free. You can walk from the campsite into the forest to let your dog out.

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