Camping Brabant - Costa Kabrita

Nature campsite Brabant


Rent an E-CHOPPER and explore De Brabantse Wal and Grenspark


Bicycle rental

On request (if in stock at the rental company) you can rent several types of bicycles through us. Let us know by e-mail which bike you would like, for how long, for how many persons and which day(s), and we will make sure the bike is ready for you at Costa Kabrita.

Prices (per day)

7-gear bike: € 13.50
Tandem: € 25,00
Parent-child tandem: € 20.00
E-bike (35-55 km): € 19.50
E-bike (60-90 km): € 25,00
Mountain bike: € 25.00
Children's mountainbike: € 22,50
Child bicycle: € 5,00
Child seat: € 3,00
Bicycle trailer for 2 children: € 5,00
Step: € 9,00


Fire tables for hire

Due to the wooded surroundings, campfires are not allowed. (municipal requirement).

Fire tables (standing table/saloon table). Own gas bottle required.
Friday - Monday: € 70.00
Monday - Friday: € 50.00
week: € 100.00


Building huts

Building huts together. Duration 1.5 hours
Building up, 1.5 hours playing, 0.5 hours dismantling

Minimum of 8 children

Per child: € 12.50

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