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We would also like to introduce ourselves; We are Ad and Marie-Louise Nelen. We both work full-time on our farm and we have five children: Bart, Stefan, Melissa, Jasper and Larissa.

We would like to tell and show you a bit about our farm, about the milk goats and about our SVR-camping.

First of all we would like to explain the name Costa Kabrita and how we got this name. 
Costa Kabrita means Goat Coast in Papyaments. We were looking for a suitable name for our farm for a long time. In 1997 a guest of our campsite wrote in our guestbook: "It was cosy camping at Costa Kabrita (goat's coast)". When we saw this in our guestbook, the name immediately appealed to us. 

Costa has a sunny meaning (coast) which we liked for the campsite and Kabrita means goat. And this name fits exactly with our farm.

Our son Stefan has moved to France with his family and started a small campsite (6 spots) and 2 rooms are rented there, check the website:

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