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We would also like to introduce ourselves; We are Ad and Marie-Louise Nelen. We both work full-time on our farm and we have five children: Bart, Stefan, Melissa, Jasper and Larissa.

We would like to tell and show you a bit about our farm, about the milk goats and about our SVR-camping.

First of all we would like to explain the name Costa Kabrita and how we got this name. 
Costa Kabrita means Goat Coast in Papyaments. We were looking for a suitable name for our farm for a long time. In 1997 a guest of our campsite wrote in our guestbook: "It was cosy camping at Costa Kabrita (goat's coast)". When we saw this in our guestbook, the name immediately appealed to us. 

Costa has a sunny meaning (coast) which we liked for the campsite and Kabrita means goat. And this name fits exactly with our farm.

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